Evangelist Danny Gonzalez - Company Message
Booking Information

Thank you for your inquiry and interest into Gonzalez Ministries. Please Fill out an Invite form to invite a speaker.
If event location is local and distance drive time is more than 2 hours we ask that a hotel room be provided for the night before. Airline tickets and hotel will need to be provided if driving distance is more than 8 hours.
Evangelist does not require a minimum honorarium.  Please note that all travel and lodging expenses are considered separately from the offerings. Checks should be made payable to Daniel or Anita Gonzalez and given to them personally.

We request a Hotel Room (non-smoking) be provided for each evening when traveling two or more hours. Please select a hotel with an inside corridor.
Meal arrangements can be made closer to the time of ministry event dependent upon the ministry schedule and plan of sponsoring organization. We do request that bottled water be provided at the ministry location.